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Behind the scenes with On Lok Mission Nutrition

Category: News

For families who don’t have to worry about their next meal, spending a day with the On Lok Mission Nutrition meal program is a great way to understand the challenges faced by members of our community who are not food secure, even in a city with a high per capita personal income like San Francisco. Liz Loh thought it would be a valuable experience and at last year's On Lok Celebrates Gala, she bid for the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes, full-immersion look at our meal preparation and delivery program.

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On Lok PACEpartners at work

Category: PACE

The energy at the 2023 National PACE Association (NPA) National Conference this fall was contagious, fueled by a thousand attendees. We were thrilled to see many organizations seeking to understand whether the PACE model aligns with their goals and mission to serve the older adult community. We also connected to mature PACE programs exploring the market potential for site expansion or interested in improving their participants' outcomes and experience.

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