All Your Medical Needs are Covered with PACE

With On Lok PACE, all your medical care is fully covered, 24/7

Your On Lok PACE full-service healthcare plan delivers all the medical care, prescription drugs, and healthcare services you need to stay healthy and strong as you age.

Your PACE healthcare plan covers the following services, as prescribed by your personal care team based on your unique needs:

PACE Healthcare service
  • Doctor visits

  • Medical specialist visits: including dental, vision, and hearing services

  • Acute hospital care

  • X-rays

  • Emergency care / Urgent care

  • Hospital care

  • Prescription drugs

  • Nursing home care

  • Palliative care

Complete care coverage

On Lok PACE covers all Medicare and Medi-Cal services. We also cover additional care that is determined necessary by your care team for prevention and to improve and maintain your health.

You will benefit from personal attention and a higher standard of care with our high-touch PACE model. Call us anytime with your questions or concerns—we are there for you 24 hours a day, every day.

Experience in senior care

On Lok has been caring for seniors for the past 50 years.  Our highly qualified physicians and healthcare professionals have been selected for their experience in caring for seniors and commitment to our senior community.

In addition to your personalized care team, you can count on our On Lok PACE network of more than 1,600 providers to cover your every medical need.

Enrollment process presentation

For participants living with dementia, dementia care and programming is available at every On Lok PACE center. Our person-centered memory care focuses on the participant’s strengths and capabilities, rather than on what has been diminished or lost, to enhance each senior’s dignity and independence. Our memory care center is a dedicated care setting for PACE participants living with more advanced dementia.

Coordinated healthcare

With On Lok PACE, you are never alone. You can have peace of mind while we handle and coordinate your healthcare needs. We also relieve the burden of caregiving by handling the many tasks that can be challenging for seniors and the family members, partners, and friends who are involved in their care, including:

  • Managing prescription medications 

  • Transportation to medical appointments

  • Assisting with appointments as needed

  • Managing all scheduling and paperwork

When enrolled in On Lok PACE, your services must be received through On Lok contracted providers or you could be personally liable for costs incurred, unless it is an emergency or urgent situation.