Ninety-three-year-old Li Yanxi ran a restaurant for more than two decades before retiring. He joined On Lok PACE when a friend recommended the program, and since then he has been receiving comprehensive healthcare, care coordination, and senior services to support his independence.

Li is very satisfied with the personalized attention and culturally appropriate care provided by On Lok PACE to empower nursing-home eligible seniors to remain living in their community. And he loves how his primary care physician and nurses can speak Chinese: "Now I don't want to change doctors anymore.

He is also delighted about the many ways in which On Lok PACE fills his daily life with activities and friendship. Li especially appreciates the convenience of our transportation services, which drive him to his On Lok PACE center to play cards with friends. Now he can socialize and have fun in the company of peers instead of staying at home and watching TV all day. "I'm very happy to come to On Lok and I didn't expect it to be so fun,” he says.

On Lok PACE drivers deliver nutritious meals and drive Li to his medical appointments, as needed. When taking him home, they make sure he enters his house safely before leaving. This kind of personalized attention and consideration makes Li feel safe and supported in his community. As an On Lok PACE participant, Li also receives home visits from On Lok PACE home care staff, who help him with laundry and cleaning.

Because Li's children are very busy working on weekdays, they rely on On Lok staff to keep them informed about their father’s health and wellbeing. It is just one more way in which On Lok PACE supports seniors and their families.

In 2022, On Lok PACE provided 12,953 medical appointments, served 407,134 community and home-delivered meals, and provided 349,867 hours of home-care services. Our vans traveled 491,370 miles to transport participants to their medical appointments and drive them to and from their PACE center and home.

Original Source: World Journal. Some differences may occur due to translation.