San Francisco Health Plan (SFHP) Medi-Cal members are now entitled to receive meals tailored to their specific health needs through On Lok Medically Tailored Meals. Launched this week as a new benefit in On Lok’s growing partnership with SFHP, On Lok Medically Tailored Meals provides nutritional support for SFHP members with chronic health conditions.

We know that poor nutrition can lead to poor health outcomes and higher health care utilization for individuals with chronic conditions. On Lok Medically Tailored Meals are individualized to support a patient’s specific health needs and help them regain and maintain their health.

On Lok Medically Tailored Meals are developed by a registered dietitian and delivered ready to eat, Monday through Friday, directly to a member’s home. The benefit also includes up to four individual sessions with a dietitian for members to learn how nutrition can help manage their health and help them feel better.

The new Medically Tailored Meals benefit expands On Lok’s growing partnership with SFHP and leverages our decades of experience providing community meals. On Lok Mission Nutrition currently offers community meals at On Lok 30th Street Senior Center and five congregate meal sites throughout San Francisco, in addition to offering nutritious meals to homebound seniors as the city’s second largest home-delivered meals program. In FY2022, On Lok Mission Nutrition is on track to deliver 228,148 meals to homebound seniors and serve 65,443 community and takeout meals for a total of nearly 294,000 nutritional meals served.

In May, On Lok began partnering with SFHP to provide Enhanced Care Management to SFHP members at risk of institutionalization and in need of well-coordinated care. Enhanced Care Management and Medically Tailored Meals, both new Medi-Cal benefits offered through the state’s CalAIM (California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal) initiative, leverage On Lok’s five decades of experience providing integrated, high-touch services for better aging, to provide intensive coordination of health and health-related services to at-risk Medi-Cal members.

Medically tailored meals are currently available to SFHP members with congestive heart failure or chronic kidney disease (stage 3 or 4) who have had an inpatient admission in the last 6 months. To learn more about Medically Tailored Meals call 415-550-2229 or email