I was lucky enough to spend this St. Patrick’s Day speaking with Tully. She stumbled upon 30th Street Senior Center on accident. She stopped at a local church to use the restroom when she saw a flyer on the bulletin board that said that 30th Street was offering free exercise classes. She thought, no way this is free, so she decided to check it out. 20 years later and Tully is still an active member. Tully came for the exercise classes, but has stayed for the community she has built here over the years.

Her husband drops her off every day at the center. Tully still enjoys the exercise dance classes and the baja fish (her favorite food here). For today’s St. Patrick’s Day party Tully sat and enjoyed the salsa music that filled the room. Though she says she is too shy to dance, she loves listening to the music. Her favorite music is the romantic cumbia songs and the tropical music the DJ plays.

Her face lit up as Hospitality Coordinator, Arturo, greeted her in the hallway. Arturo says, “Tully is a sharp woman, she is always in the know about upcoming events, plus she is an active donor.”

Tully says she has been donating to the center for years as she sees the value it brings her and others at the center. She was thrilled she got to wear her favorite bright green blazer for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


In the photo, On Lok 30th Street Senior Center participants dancing.