30th Street Senior Center and On Lok host a lunchtime discussion with clinical neuropsychologist Dr. Mario Martinez at the second annual “Boomers and Beyond” on Thursday, March 16, at the Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco. 

The event also serves as the West Coast launch of Dr. Martinez’s latest biocognitive lifestyle book, “The MindBody Self: How Longevity is Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited.“Boomers and Beyond provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to learn how growing older and culture intersect,” said Valorie Villela, director of 30th Street Senior Center in San Francisco. “This topic presents a unique perspective on the process. Dr. Martinez is a fascinating expert in the field of biocognitive science. We look forward to an afternoon of exploration and discovery.”At the afternoon event, which includes a continuing education seminar, Dr.Martinez will also explain how to:

  • Challenge the cultural beliefs that perpetuate genetic helplessness

  • Communicate with the body in its own “biosymbolic” language to begin making positive changes

  • Transform consciousness to continually increase personal value and competence as we grow older 

“We all know that the mind influences the body, but what seems to be ignored in the life sciences field is what influences the mind,” said Dr. Martinez. “I’m excited to help people understand both why and how culture is what influences the mind.”

About Dr. Mario Martinez

Dr. Mario Martinez is a licensed clinical psychologist and the best-selling author of the “The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success.” As the founder of the Biocognitive Science Institute, he lectures worldwide on his pioneering work in biocognitive science, a mind-body paradigm that investigates how cultural conditions coauthor our reality and shape every aspect of our lives—from health and longevity to relationships and self-esteem. In his forthcoming book, “The MindBody Self: How Longevity Is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited,” Dr. Martinez further explores how mind and body work together in a deeper unity than ever imagined, offering practical tools to create sustainable change.For additional information about Dr. Martinez and biocognitive science, visit www.biocognitive.com.