Become a fundraiser for senior programs

Take the lead to support seniors in the community

With thousands of seniors living in isolation today, we need your support to protect our resources for the underserved living in our communities.

Peer-to-peer fundraising allows you to use your creativity, initiative, and social network to help raise money for senior programs that make a difference. It’s easy:

  • Decide how you will raise awareness. Create your campaign and set fundraising goals. Make it fun!

  • Tell the story of what On Lok's mission means to you.

  • Share your campaign with your friends on social media, email, or in person. Ask your friends to sponsor your fundraiser.

To get started, check out some these peer-to-peer fundraising ideas:

Turn your favorite activity into a fundraiser.  Set a fundraising goal for your next walk, race, ride, hike or performance.

Share giving on a special occasion.  Celebrate your birthdays and anniversaries by asking for donations to support senior resources instead of gifts.