Support to help you feel your best

We can all use an extra hand sometimes

As we get older, taking care of our health can be challenging. On Lok Connected Care partners with you to stay well, practice good habits, and remain independent. We will work with your healthcare providers to support you on your path to wellness and independence. Here's how our Coach Care Specialist and care team can help:

Encouragement on your path to wellness

Your Coach Care Specialist will support you by:

  • Checking in regularly to see if you have questions

  • Assisting with stress management

  • Helping you adopt healthy behaviors that become lifelong habits

Help with everyday tasks

Your Coach Care Specialist can coordinate community resources for daily living:

  • Home care services

  • Meal deliveries

  • Transportation

  • Utility bill waivers and food stamp applications

Help navigating the healthcare system

With our deep knowledge of the healthcare system, we will advocate for you by:

  • Helping you reach your health goals

  • Assisting with medication reminders and refills, and medical appointments

  • Serving as a cultural bridge between you, your loved ones, and your medical team

Your Coach Care Specialist can connect with you in person, at your home or other place comfortable for you, or by phone. Together, you can create a schedule of meetings that works best for you.

Connected Care services are provided at no cost to you. To qualify, you must be age 55 or over, live in San Francisco, and have a primary care provider.